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[img]/pics/comicpic.png[/img]Auf IGN Comics ist ein interessantes Interview, zum bald erscheinenden Webcomic zu Star Wars - The Old Republic erschienen. In diesem Interview klärt Rob Chestney noch einige ungeklärte Details auf wie z.B. das genaue Erscheinungsdatum, den Umfang der alle zwei Wochen erscheinenden Folgen des Star Wars - The Old Republic - Webcomics etc.
[i][b]IGN Comics:[/b] Do you have a definitive release date right now, or is that more contingent on the state of the game? [b]Chestney:[/b] Well, the comic is going to post online starting February 27th. That'll be the first issue of the comic, and we're doing three-page installments every two weeks. As we get nearer to the game the story should heat up a bit.[/i]
Viel Spass beim lesen. Link: [url='http://uk.comics.ign.com/articles/952/952444p1.html']IGN Comics[/url]
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SW-R: Umfrage

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